Contact Lenses

Need Contact Lenses

BA Eye Site is your source for sight correcting contact lenses. Soft, Color, Rigid, Disposable, Cosmetic, Multifocal and Astigmatism correction. We offer a full range of lenses ensuring us to be able to fit the vast majority of patients.

Because of industry connections we are have rebates on most brands we fit helping our patients get more. A good contact lens fitting begins with a comprehensive exam measuring a patients prescription and corneal curvature. When fitting the right lens to a patient, lifestyle, occupation, visual needs, ocular health all must be evaluated.

Our trained staff are ready and able to help train new contact lens wearers to properly insert and remove their contact lenses as well as how to clean and care for their new lenses. There is an application for your smart phone that can notify  you  when it is time to replace your contact lenses, which we encourage our patients to utilize.

One question often asked by patients is, “at what age do we recommend letting kids wear contacts”. There honestly is not really a good answer it depends on the kid or teen and how responsible they are  how their hygiene is and family dynamics. Generally girls are able to start around eleven and boys typically around thirteen. We usually recommend daily disposal contacts to start with for a variety of reasons that we would be happy to discuss with you at your appointment.

BA Eye Site is you eye care source in Broken Arrow. Accepting most insurance plans and new patients. Come experience the BA Eye Site Difference.