Did your children start school with good eyesight?

Make an eye exam part of your back to school routine.

School is back in full swing which is easy to tell with the traffic and supply lists at nearly every store in the country. New shoes, clothes, bags and schedules are the order of the day.

Did your children start school with good eyesight? Most of our learning approximately 80+% occurs through vision. Often parents overlook this important part of the learning cycle until the school gets around to screening the students or their child starts complaining that they are having difficulty seeing or having headaches.

Life gets busy and if there isn’t an obvious problem of complaint things get put off, but vision and eye health should not be one of those. Schools are only required to screen certain grades and this is surprisingly often done at the end of the school year. As a parent you can not rely on those screening to determine if your children should have a comprehensive eye examination.

Good habits develop early when an emphasis is on teaching reading and foundational arithmetic. This time is critical to have good vision at both distance and near; this helps children develop a love for reading verses it being a hard chore due to a vision of ocular muscle problem for some kids.

Did you know most insurance plans cover children vision exams! This was part of the healthcare law now in place. Our staff can review your benefits with you to and help your children start this and every school year off with the best vision possible.

Not only is vision important in the classroom but it is also critical on the athletic fields and courts. Competitive athletes that need vision correction can benefit from sports wraps or contact lenses. As the children get older and college scouts come looking to give scholarships for athletics and corrected vision help remove barriers to performance in and out of the classroom.

BA Eye Site in Broken Arrow and Optique Professional Eye Care in Tulsa is your local family eye doctor, and we look forward to helping you family see and look their best. Most insurances are accepted both medical and vision plans.  In Broken Arrow call (918)893-3769, in Tulsa call (918)743-9918 to discuss your benefits and schedule your family’s eye exams today.

Eye Injury

Eye Injury

As the weather improves this spring we are becoming more active, and our clinic has noticed an increase in the cases of eye injuries this season. Eye protection is a priority, but accidents still happen and prompt attention and care by an eyecare professional is imperative.

We all have vast amount of knowledge at our fingertips any exploring your symptoms online can yield some scary results. So how do you know when you should be seen or when you can wait? One of the first rules of care stipulates that early diagnosis and treatment often leads to better results and outcomes. If you have any of the following symptoms I would urge you to seek care.

  1. Swollen eyes
  2. Redness
  3. Pain in or around the eyes
  4. Trauma to the eye
  5. Sudden vision loss or blurred vision
  6. Sensitivity to light
  7. flashes of light
  8. sudden increase in floaters or spots
  9. Visual field loss
  10. Bleeding, watery or goopy (mucous discharge) of the eyes

We provide emergency eye care for the Broken Arrow and Tulsa are. We are located at 101st and Aspen in Broken Arrow (918)893-3769. We have a sister practice in midtown Tulsa at 51 and Harvard, Optique Professional Eye Care (918)743-9918, in the Country Club Plaza. On the weekends call (918)893-3769 ext 306, if an attendant does not answer leave a message with your name and a call back number and our staff will return your call shortly.

Thank you for allowing us to be your source for Urgent Eye Care.