Spooky Halloween Contacts May Lead to a Nightmare for You

Spooky Halloween Contacts May Lead to a Nightmare for You

As we approach Halloween the sale of theatrical and special effect contact lens interest and sales spike to complete that perfect look. Whether you want the “twilight, zombie or animalistic” look out of a set of contacts, these are still classified as medical devices and must be properly fit by an eyecare professional. Unfortunately the internet is populated with stories people who bought a pair of colored contacts from convenience stores, flea markets or beauty shops, and lost vision, got a major infection or needed to have a cornea transplant.

All contacts are regulated by the FDA and it is illegal to sell any contact lenses without a prescription. This entails ensuring all the parameters of the base curve, diameter, power and the interaction of the contact lens to the ocular tissue.  Proper instruction on insertion, removal and care and maintenance is also of great importance to establish safe use of the lenses by a patient.

Misfitting contacts or poorly maintained, over worn contact lenses can cause blindness, injury or serious infection. Pseudomonas and acanthamoeba keratitis are two common infections when using these illegal lenses. These infections due damage fast often within 24-48 hours and leave life long scars.

Even when using properly fit lenses can lead to problems at time and it is so much worse if good hygiene and appropriate replacement schedules and overnight wear or just plain contact lens overwear or abuse occurs. Never share contact lenses or solution and always seek care if your eyes are red, painful, have discharge or and decrease in vision. Time is important, the earlier treatment is begun the better to help prevent scar formation, start pain management, and often obtain a better outcome.

BA Eye Site wishes you a fun and safe halloween. If you should want a specialty set of effect/theatrical lenses allow us to show you what we can get for you. Call (918)893-3769 today and schedule a time to view the special effect contact lenses we offer.

Help keep red irritated eyes under control with daily contacts.

Why daily contact may be the right option for you.

Much like the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” a daily contact lens may be just what the doctor ordered.  Often our eyes become red and irritated due to a number of reasons like:

  • a buildup of protein deposits from our tear film that coats a lenses after a few days leading to increased discomfort and redness
  • a reaction to preservatives in cleaning and disinfecting solutions
  • buildup of environmental allergens on the surface of the contacts after a few days of wear
  • dryness -some contact lens materials can act as greedy sponges and soak up all your natural tears
  • eyelid and contact lens interactions, any buildup on a contact lens can lead to papillary conjunctivitis, which makes contact lenses wear difficult at best.

The benefits of a daily contact are numerous, above all they eliminate nearly all of the above reasons outlined. Since they are replaced daily there isn’t much time to allow a buildup of the biofilm; they are not stored often so not much need for solutions. Nearly all daily lenses options are packed with extra moisturizers designed to provide better protection from dryness, and they are typically thinner since the life of the lens is about 20 hours which helps reduce the lid interaction.

Most contact lens wearers can be converted to daily contacts as they now are available in spherical, multifocals and even for astigmatism.  There are numerous designs and manufactures now offering these healthier alternative options.

Price is always a topic and the price for this mode of contact lens wear is improving as lens competition and options are widing. We tell our patients a rough rule of thumb is that they run around a dollar per lens. That is way cheaper than coffee, soda or a gallon of gas. That’s not a bad price for great vision and comfortable eyes.

This mode of contact lenses is our first choice for kids and teens because it has better compliance and hygiene. It is also good for those who choose to mix up their contact lens wear with glasses.

BA Eye Site at 101st between 129 and 145 in Broken Arrow wants to be your family’s eye care provider. We accept most insurance and vision plans. We look forward to hearing from you. (918)893-3769

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Did your children start school with good eyesight?

Make an eye exam part of your back to school routine.

School is back in full swing which is easy to tell with the traffic and supply lists at nearly every store in the country. New shoes, clothes, bags and schedules are the order of the day.

Did your children start school with good eyesight? Most of our learning approximately 80+% occurs through vision. Often parents overlook this important part of the learning cycle until the school gets around to screening the students or their child starts complaining that they are having difficulty seeing or having headaches.

Life gets busy and if there isn’t an obvious problem of complaint things get put off, but vision and eye health should not be one of those. Schools are only required to screen certain grades and this is surprisingly often done at the end of the school year. As a parent you can not rely on those screening to determine if your children should have a comprehensive eye examination.

Good habits develop early when an emphasis is on teaching reading and foundational arithmetic. This time is critical to have good vision at both distance and near; this helps children develop a love for reading verses it being a hard chore due to a vision of ocular muscle problem for some kids.

Did you know most insurance plans cover children vision exams! This was part of the healthcare law now in place. Our staff can review your benefits with you to and help your children start this and every school year off with the best vision possible.

Not only is vision important in the classroom but it is also critical on the athletic fields and courts. Competitive athletes that need vision correction can benefit from sports wraps or contact lenses. As the children get older and college scouts come looking to give scholarships for athletics and corrected vision help remove barriers to performance in and out of the classroom.

BA Eye Site in Broken Arrow and Optique Professional Eye Care in Tulsa is your local family eye doctor, and we look forward to helping you family see and look their best. Most insurances are accepted both medical and vision plans.  In Broken Arrow call (918)893-3769, in Tulsa call (918)743-9918 to discuss your benefits and schedule your family’s eye exams today.

Teen eyesight

Teens and tweens eyesight

Teens and tweens are obsessed with their “look” and how they display their personality and appearance ,often times the need for glasses doesn’t fit into the vision of the “look” they have for themselves. Fixing Teen eyesight doesn’t have to be a negative, but can be turned into a positive, as eyewear today is fashion, why should clear vision be integrated into their “look” with a pair of fashionable specs. Clear vision can have a profound impact on their lives in the areas of sports, arts and academics. And with the new glasses comes a sense of responsibility to these tweens and teen to take care of their eyewear.

Some of the great sports figures of today, recording artist and hollywood types sport their eyewear on the red carpet and in post game interviews. Think Russell Westbrook, Taylor Swift and Matt Damon to name a few. The shopping experience with a teen for new glasses can be a fun and interactive experience for the kid and parents. Our staff here at BA Eye Site can help facilitate the conversation between parent and teen which at times can be rather entertaining.

Contact lenses:

There are times when contacts may actually be a good addition to glasses especially if the child participates in athletics . We typically recommend dailies for kids for a number of reasons from compliance and hygiene to safety. The teen or tween must be vested and interested in contact lenses and not feel pushed into them by the parents. If someone isn’t interested in them then learning to insert, remove, clean and care for them and all add up to trouble down the road.

BA Eye Site is proud to be your source for eye care in Broken Arrow and Tulsa; we look forward to hearing from you (918)893-3769. Fixing Teen eyesight can be challenging but by including them in the process and listening to them it can be rewarding helping the future leaders of tomorrow.