Spooky Halloween Contacts May Lead to a Nightmare for You

Spooky Halloween Contacts May Lead to a Nightmare for You

As we approach Halloween the sale of theatrical and special effect contact lens interest and sales spike to complete that perfect look. Whether you want the “twilight, zombie or animalistic” look out of a set of contacts, these are still classified as medical devices and must be properly fit by an eyecare professional. Unfortunately the internet is populated with stories people who bought a pair of colored contacts from convenience stores, flea markets or beauty shops, and lost vision, got a major infection or needed to have a cornea transplant.

All contacts are regulated by the FDA and it is illegal to sell any contact lenses without a prescription. This entails ensuring all the parameters of the base curve, diameter, power and the interaction of the contact lens to the ocular tissue.  Proper instruction on insertion, removal and care and maintenance is also of great importance to establish safe use of the lenses by a patient.

Misfitting contacts or poorly maintained, over worn contact lenses can cause blindness, injury or serious infection. Pseudomonas and acanthamoeba keratitis are two common infections when using these illegal lenses. These infections due damage fast often within 24-48 hours and leave life long scars.

Even when using properly fit lenses can lead to problems at time and it is so much worse if good hygiene and appropriate replacement schedules and overnight wear or just plain contact lens overwear or abuse occurs. Never share contact lenses or solution and always seek care if your eyes are red, painful, have discharge or and decrease in vision. Time is important, the earlier treatment is begun the better to help prevent scar formation, start pain management, and often obtain a better outcome.

BA Eye Site wishes you a fun and safe halloween. If you should want a specialty set of effect/theatrical lenses allow us to show you what we can get for you. Call (918)893-3769 today and schedule a time to view the special effect contact lenses we offer.

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